Enjoy Plenty Of Sightseeing On A Shram Day Tour

Shram El Sheikh is one of the most renowned resort towns in Egypt located amid the desert of Sinai Peninsula & the Red Sea. It is also known as the “Pearl of the Red Sea.” Shram has turned out to be one of Egypt’s leading tourist destination credits to its lavish resorts, beautiful beaches, and plenty of sightseeing attractions. See the Great Pyramids of Giza, explore the deserts on a Quad Bike or witness the Valley of the Kings on your Shram day tour with Egypt Online Tour.

Our Shram excursion brings you the perfect opportunity to experience authentic Bedouin life, ride a camel, witness the gorgeous sun-set over the Shram desert, drink authentic Bedouin beverage, see a great show of belly dancing, and more. This tour also brings you innumerable activities both in sea & on land. Enjoy snorkeling at Tiran Island or make the best use of your time exploring the great Pyramids of: Cheops, Chephren, the Great Sphinx, Menkaure, The Egyptian museum, Old Cairo & end with shopping in Khan El Khalili Bazaar, visiting St.Catherine monastery, Mount Sinia, Karnak Temple, Luxor Temple, Valley of the Kings, etc. Exploring all these places in Shram El Sheikh are certain to add something memorable to your Egypt tour.

Play and Take Photos with Dolphins on Your Shram Day Tour

For a lot of tourists, the opportunity to swim with dolphins is a dream comes true. Here in Shram El Sheikh, the dolphin park together with Shram Wonders makes this dream come true. Spend 15-30mins with these playful and intelligent aquatic animals. Swim, hug, play and rub noses with these marine creatures. You can even pose for a picture with these gentle creatures and take back home memories that you’d love to cherish forever.

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