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Egypt Shore Excursions ( Port Trips of Egypt)

Egypt shore excursions have various tours to discover different styles of attractions. If you are looking for shore trips, you will find shore excursions in Egypt. And If you are a fan of history, Egypt tours offer a lot of attractions and sightseeing that reflect the past and show you how the ancient Egyptians lived through guided Egypt travel packages.

Egypt is a big country that has many ports to transfer from. It’s an important stop for those cruising the Red Sea or even the Mediterranean sea. In the Red Sea, you can enjoy cruising tours from many Egypt shore excursions such as Sharm El Sheik Shore Excursions. You will enjoy diving and snorkeling tours in Sharm El Sheikh. Also, Egypt Online Tour provides a lot of tours from Sharm El Sheikh day tours to other attractions in Dahab, Sinai, Cairo, and more. Another port you can enjoy in the Red sea is Safaga port. In Safaga you’re very close to Hurghada, you can enjoy a snorkeling tour from Safaga Port if you are searching for interesting sea activities. However, Egypt Port Shore Trips in Safaga provide you with another option. If you have finished your Hurghada day tours and still have free time in your vacation, you can enjoy a day tour from Safaga port to Luxor as you are very close to discover the temples in Luxor day tours.

Best Egypt Shore Tours | Red Sea Shore Excursions

The Mediterranean Sea has its own unique vibes, it didn’t fail to attract your attention and improve your mood. One of the main Egypt Shore Excursions is Alexandria port. Alexandria has many attractions and sights to discover during your Egypt day tours, and also provides numerous tours from Alexandria port to Cairo, Giza Pyramids, and Alamein city. Also, you can depart from Port Said to Cairo as they are close to each other, just check out our Port Said shore excursions.

Alot of Egypt luxury tours are waiting for your discovery. Whether you prefer the historical attractions or the sea activities we will customize your tours.

Safaga Port

On your own way, enjoy the quick Tours from Safaga Port to Luxor and Aswan historical attractions. Live with the colored fish and coral reefs through snorkeling, diving, and Submarine tours in Safaga

Sharm El Sheikh Shore Excursions

Sharm short description: Sharm El Sheikh shines in the Sinai Peninsula with its rare desert tours and diving spots

Dive into Ras Mohamed National Park and visit the colored canyons and St.Cathrine monastery

Alexandria Shore Excursions

Alexandria is the bride of the Mediterranean that have Egyptian, Roman, and Greek attractions

Enjoy touring Alexandria, head to Alamein from Alexandria Port, also the Port close to Cairo sights

Port Said Shore Excursions

Port Said, a bustling city located on the Mediterranean coast of Egypt, is a popular stop for cruise ships and offers a wealth of opportunities for travelers to experience during Port Said Shore excursions the rich culture and history of the region.

Sokhna Port Shore Excursions

Egypt Online Tour offers a wide range of exciting shore excursions and port trips from Sokhna to visit Cairo, one of the world's oldest and most magnificent cities. With a rich cultural heritage and a plethora of ancient ruins, Cairo is a must-see for anyone visiting Egypt.

Frequently Asked Questions

FAQ about Egypt

We have special Egypt Shore excursions that you can choose between many distinguished excursions, There are many different types of Egypt Shore excursions that travelers can take part in like (Sharm El sheikh port, Safaga Port, Alexandria Port )

Egypt online tour offers a unique Egypt Shore excursions,we seek to present you high quality of entertainment with affordable price, we will start our journey from the port and heading to your favorite destination, you will find many different activities to enjoy Such as:

  • Water sports such as snorkeling
  • Visiting historical sites
  • general trips for sightseeing.

If you choose our amazing Safaga port trips, you will find a variety of activities and destination in this unique journey, you can choose snorkeling trip from Safaga port and explore the underwater life in the Red sea or if you are interested in historical sites you can choose comprehensive Luxor day tour from Safaga Port to discover The karnak temple complex, valley of the kings and Hatshepsut temple.

Alexandria is called the bride of the Mediterranean sea coast. There are a variety of Alexandria shore excursions you can choose from, we will start our journey from the port, and head to the most important Alexandria attractions such as Alexandria library, the lighthouse and Rosetta stone. You can also take a tour to The pyramids from Alexandria port.

Sharm El-Sheikh is a global tourist city if you want an atmosphere full of relaxation and excitement activities choose Sharm El Sheikh Shore excursions, our program includes:

  • Saint Catherine monastery Day tour from Sharm El Sheikh
  • Safari trips and Quad biking
  • Snorkeling in Ras Mohammed Park.