Reasons For Having Luxor Day Tours This Winter

You may be still confused as to whether to visit Luxor during your winter vacation this year. We at Egypt Online Tour have the best of Luxor day tours that will reveal to you the past and present of this amazing city during your visit. There are obvious reasons for you to be in Luxor. Let us have a look at those and how we at Egypt Online Tour, can be your best friend during such a tour.

The ancient temples that will draw you

Luxor is one of the cities in Upper Egypt, the place of ancient Egyptian temples that are as old as 4,000 years. The amazing fact is that almost all these temples are intact and each has a unique history to reveal. We at Egypt Online Tour with our Luxor day tours will be your best friend to guide you through those ancient relics and explain to you the history of those. To name a few you can be at Temple of Karnak, Temple of Deir al-Bahri, Valley of the Kings or Colossi of Memnon during our Luxor day tours and have the history revealed in front of you.

The welcoming weather that offers comfort

The design and customization of our Luxor day tours is such that you can have best of comfort. In addition, the weather during winter is very pleasant in Luxor during winter. You can enjoy the winter sun and have a comfortable exploration of the place without sweating a bit. You can likewise devour your eyes on a mix of sand and green terrains and appreciate entrancing brilliant dusks and dawns.

The wonders of world history

Regardless of whether you are a history lover or not, you will end up in total appreciation standing in front antiquated sanctuaries whose privileged insights are yet obscure during the Luxor day tours that we at Egypt Online Tour organize. You will end up tuning in to the murmurs of lords and rulers describing untold stories through the unblemished illustrations that have to endure a great many years.

The hot air balloon expedition

You can have a 45 minutes ride in Hot Air Balloon, in the sky of Luxor during our Luxor day tours. Early morning, our representative will pick you up from your hotel in Luxor to the West Bank to enjoy air balloon riding. We will comfortably transfer to marine to enjoy Soft drinks before you take the motorboat to the west bank, then you will be transferred to the take-off area where you are going to start your balloon ride in the sky of the biggest open-air museum known as Luxor.

So, plan your visit to Luxor this winter vacation and be with us.

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