Full Day Alexandria (Archeological)


At first, you will find your Egypt Online Tour guide waiting inside the Alexandria Port for you holding a signboard with your name on it, and the best thing is that you need not have to look for them; instead, they will find you out to start our Egypt tours. Once you enter the car, your guide will make you understand the whole trip and its aspects. Our Egypt day tours will start with the visit to the Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa, the largest Roman Cemetery that consists of three levels cut in the rock. After which we will drive towards the Roman Amphitheater of Alexandria where you can find the sunken monuments of Alexandria displayed that were discovered under the East harbor of Alexandria. Then we will be driving by Pompay’s Pillar and stop for a photo stop that was constructed at the end of the 4th century in honor of Emperor Diocletian.

Full Day Alexandria (Archeological)Inclusion

  • Pick up services from Alexandria Port & return (by the cruise exit door)
  • All transfers by a private air-conditioned vehicle
  • Private English Egyptologist guide
  • Entrance fees to all the mentioned sites
  • Mineral water on board the vehicle during the tour
  • All Service charges & taxes

Full Day Alexandria (Archeological) Exclusion

  • Any extra


Itinerary Details

  • Day 1 Alexandria Tour

    Your Egypt Online Tour guide will first be waiting for you inside the Alexandria Port holding a signboard with your name on it. The nicest part is that they will find you; you don't need to go looking for them. Your guide will explain the Alexandria day tours and all of its components to you as soon as you get in the car.

    Our tour will start with the visit to the Catacombs of Kom El Shoqafa, the largest Roman Cemetery that consists of three levels cut in the rock.

    Then, we'll take a journey to Alexandria's Roman Amphitheater, where a display of the city's submerged monuments that were found beneath its East Harbour is located. Then, when we pass Pompay's Pillar, which was built at the end of the 4th century in tribute to Emperor Diocletian, we will pause for a photo opportunity.

    The next stoppage is at the library of Alexandria, which is the biggest library known in the world comprising more than eight million books as of now. You can view the statue of Alexander the Great along with the statue of Ptolemy the first, which was found underwater at its open court. Then we will head towards the library's famous Manuscripts Museum, President Sadat Museum and the impressions of Alexandria Museum.

    Note: The Library of Alexandria remains closed on Fridays and every public holiday. Also, for entering the reading area, you will have to purchase a ticket.

    After exploring the museums and its artifacts, our car will head towards the St. Mark Church which is the oldest church in all of Africa. During the drive, you will also get the glimpse of the old downtown and the local historical architecture that has Italian and French style properties along with baroque style designs.

    Then our tour will continue with the visit to El Nabi Daniel Mosque which is believed to be interrelated to the tomb of Alexander the Great. It is said that the Mosque contains the remains of the scholar and honored teacher Prophet Daniel and his companion Sidi Lokman al Hakim who was a religious story-teller.

    After this, you can opt for lunch at Mohamed Ahmed’s, which is a famous and traditional Alexandrian food place. After lunch, we will be driving towards the most significant and prettiest mosque in the city, i.e. the Abo Al Abbas Mosque, and you can view the strangest sight outside it, i.e. an old funfair where children enjoy playing on antique funfair rides and sample candy floss. On the opposite, you can find the corniche and the old harbor of Alexandria where you can find men fishing on old fishing boats and traditional fishermen making nets. You can click astonishing pictures here.

    Now our tour will head towards the Castle of Qaitbay that was built on the same site as that of the ancient Lighthouse of Alexandria which is one of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World. Inside the castle, you will be viewing all the parts of the castle and go to the roof to relish the panoramic view of the entire city.

    Then the car will head towards the Montazah Gardens and the Palaces. On the way, you can stop by the King of Mango and sample fresh juices and have a stop for photography at the memorial of the Unknown Soldier of Alexandria. While moving towards the Montazah Gardens and the Palaces, you will fall in love with the spectacular views of the city and the stunning coastline. Also, you will get a chance to view the old harbor of Alexandria where about 7000 monuments were found underground.

    Upon visiting the Montazah Gardens also known as the Love Garden, you will also visit the royal gardens of King Farouk, who was the last Egyptian King in history. Also, you can see the royal palaces of Haramlek and Salamlek along with that enjoy the walk along the well-known Montaza Bridge and visit the Tea Palace Island to see the splendid beaches of the queens.

    While returning, we will stop over the famous Bridge of Stanley, which is considered as the modern landmark of modern Alexandria built by Alexander the great. After which you can travel back to your hotel for rest.

    With this, your full day Alexandria Archaeological Tour comes to an end. Alexandria is full of things to see and do if you have any specific preferences you can let us know before booking the tour with us so that we can add it in our itinerary.

    Note: Make sure to bring a pair of comfortable walking shoes and a sun hat to have an enjoyable tour in Alexandria.

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