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Egypt Spiritual Tours

With our Egypt Spiritual tours Imagine yourself opening your eyes to see an unparalleled view, smell the fresh air, practice yoga, and feel relaxed. This category is created especially for tourists who are searching for relaxing Meditation Tours in Egypt. So let us know what Egypt tours offer to you to feel relaxed and comfortable. Egypt has attracted tourists from all over the world because Egypt is one of the most sacred and spiritual places on this planet.

Egypt Online Tour travel agency provides entertainment tours combined with Meditation and Spiritual tours in Egypt. Book your Egypt travel packages and let us start our journey. Egyptian spiritual trips traditions and beliefs have a lengthy history and are distinctive to the country's geography and environment.

Egypt Meditation and Spiritual Tours

Do you know that you can enjoy discovering luxury tours in Egypt at the same time as your Spiritual vacation in Egypt? Yes, in this case, our tour guide will let you start your day with yoga or meditation sessions to start your journey fresh and then start exploring the classic tours in Egypt.

What if you visit the Giza pyramids and enjoy a relaxing time at the sunrise at the beginning of the day or the sunset at the end of the day? It will be a new experience to have spiritual tours in Egypt in front of the wonder of the world and the main attractions of Egypt day tours.

Another journey in our Egypt spiritual tours is a journey in the heart of the Nile River. Usually, this tour takes place in Luxor and Aswan, the best two cities that the Nile river passes through. You are accommodating in the Nile cruise surrounding the Nile river from all directions. It's a journey that will clear all the stress from your mind. Include now Luxor and Aswan in your Egypt budget tours.

Spiritual Tours in Egypt

There are different types of Meditation tours in Egypt. Visiting the sacred attractions during your tours is a type of Egypt Spiritual trips. Visit the temples of Luxor and Aswan such as Karnak temple and Abu Simbel temple. Also, the Mosques and churches in Cairo will let you feel safe and comfortable. These moon tours also suit couples so you can easily add them to your Egypt honeymoon packages.

06 days Meditation Tours to Cairo and Luxor
6 Days / 5 Nights

06 days Meditation Tours to Cairo and Luxor

Unwind and rejuvenate on a 6-day meditation tour to Cairo and Luxor. Experience the calming power of mindfulness surrounded by ancient history and culture. Book now to start your journey of inner peace and discovery.

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Price : 975 USD

12 days Egypt meditation and spiritual Tours
11 Days / 10 Nights

12 days Egypt meditation and spiritual Tours

Embark on an 12-day journey of meditation and spirituality in Egypt. Immerse in ancient culture and history as you find inner peace. Book now for an unforgettable spiritual experience.

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Price : 2400 USD

8 Days Meditation tour in Cairo, Luxor and Siwa Oasis
8 Days / 7 Nights

8 Days meditation Cairo – Luxor – Siwa Oasis

Go on an 8-days journey of meditation and spirituality in Egypt. Go deeply into the ancient culture, explore deeply into nature and into your soul too. Join us on this excursion to meditate and enjoy the beauty of Cairo, Luxor, and Siwa Oasis.

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Price : 1800 USD