Choose Egypt Honeymoon Packages To Get Firsthand Experience Of This Rich Historical Nation

Every couple sits down and day dreams of their perfect wedding and nicest honeymoon. They include various additional things like wonderful food, dancing and travelling one location to another in their honey plan. Choosing a honeymoon destination is quite daunting. You shouldn’t waste much time on internet to filter the final destination for a sweet honeymoon experience. Egypt will be perfect destination which will meet your every honeymoon parameters.

This is the country of world famous pyramids, The Nile River and the mighty Sahara Desert. These are the prime elements those attracts millions of tourists around the world. It offers a lot of places for sightseeing and a lot more to do. We at Egypt Online Tour, provide tailor-made Egypt honeymoon packages. Some of our popular honey packages are given below.

Honeymoon Nile Adventure

Honeymoon Nile Adventure

The Nile River always occupies the top spot among the honeymooners. It stunning beauty will surely make your partner excited. This package is including four night halts in Cairo, one night halt in Alexandria and one night halt in Aswan. Apart from them, you have chance to spend three nights on board cruise. This is package is load with a number unique things which you may not get from other places in the world. In order to make your tour honeymoon memorable, we have included visiting to Pyramids and Sphinx. It is truly electrifying while taking a selfie with your partner backdrop of pyramid. In order to make your journey enjoyable, we arrange luxurious vehicles and they all are studded with latest gears. So, the high temperature in Egypt won’t affect you. You’ll also experience the historical and cultural richness of Alexandria in this package.

Honeymoon at Cairo, Alexandria, Abu Simbel and Luxor

Honeymoon at Cairo

If you love urban life and want to explore more on Egyptian cities, this package will be best for you. It is fifteen days long and you can get enough time to explore these historical cities. During this period, you will spend six nights in Cairo, two nights in Alexandria, two nights in Aswan and one night in Luxor. Rest of the time you you’ll spend onboard cruise from Aswan to Luxor. This fantastic honeymoon package is meant to fill your time with luxury while exploring the mystery of Pyramid and Sphinx. Your staying in these cities will be in luxurious hotels and they all are able to make your honeymoon memorable. Needless to mention, there are a lot of historical monuments in Cairo and exploring their mystery is truly amazing. We have well experienced guides and they will educate you about the historical places you are scheduled to visit.

Nubian Honeymoon Package

Nubian Honeymoon Package

We have tailor-made Nubian honeymoon package and it is meant to provide you a firsthand experience of the great Nubian culture. This package is last for seven days and you have plenty of reasons to be excited. Our guide and representatives will all the way to assist you on your tour. You may know the great Nubian region but in this package, you’ll grab the firsthand and unique experience that can’t be wiped out in your entire life. We provide you chance to visit many ancient monuments and meet the Nubian people those are still following their rich culture.

Our all honeymoon packages are blended with knowledge, romance and luxury. No matter whether you choose a small one week Nubian honeymoon package or two weeks long Cairo, Alexandria package, all are meant to provide to a overwhelming experience which is almost impossible to get from other places. One thing is to keep in mind that, honeymoon packages in Egypt will gift you a charming and tremendous experience.

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