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Khan El Khaili district

The inspiration district is also known as the Khan El Khaili district. Many Egyptian writers were inspired by the Khan El Khalili area to write novels about its streets and lanes. Perhaps the cause for this motivation was the neighborhood's nobility and age and the diversity of structures from various ages, such as the Mamluk and Islamic eras.

The Mashrabiya

As you travel through the streets of Khan el Khalili, you will notice the remains of the Mashrabiya, which date back to the Islamic era. The Mashrabiya is a small-holed wooden window. Large amounts of indirect light are introduced through these openings.

The Mashrabiya supplied high-efficiency illumination without increasing the temperatures inside to prevent direct sun radiation and excessive temperatures from entering through its openings. It also helped to boost the air flow rate.

Khan Al-Khalili market

Khan Al-Khalili market is well-known for its gold jewelry. Residents in the neighborhood handcraft the antiques and copperworks.

These, as well as the colorful glass lamps and the little pharaonic figure, are created with exquisite craftsmanship and accuracy. When you go through the Khan El Khalili area, you will smell many sorts of fresh spices because the district also contains a spice market.