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Tour to Egypt Highlights

A tour to Egypt is an excellent way to see some of the most amazing ancient monuments in the world. But there is so much more to this country than just its historical sites. On Egypt tours, you will also have the opportunity to see the Great Pyramids of Giza, the Valley of the Kings, and the Temple of Horus. You will also get to experience the culture and lifestyle of the people who live there. If you are interested in taking a tour to Egypt, here are some of the highlights that you can expect to see.

What is there to see in Egypt?

-The Great Pyramids of Giza
-The Sphinx
-The Egyptian Museum
-Valley of the Kings
-Temple of Karnak
-Luxor Temple

The Pyramids of Giza

The Pyramids of Giza are one of the most popular tourist destinations in Egypt. Located just outside of Cairo, the pyramids are some of the oldest and largest structures in the world. Visitors can explore the inside of the Great Pyramid, climb to the top of the smaller pyramids, or take a camel ride through the desert.

The Great Sphinx of Giza

The Great Sphinx of Giza is an iconic symbol of Egypt and one of the most recognizable structures in the world. The massive limestone statue, which dates back to around 2500 BC, stands guard at the entrance to the Giza plateau and is a must-see for any visitor to Egypt.

The Great Sphinx is believed to be a portrait of the Pharaoh Khafre and was likely carved out of a single piece of limestone. It's thought that the Sphinx was originally painted in bright colors, but over time, the elements have taken their toll and only the faintest traces of pigment remain.

Despite its age, the Great Sphinx is in surprisingly good condition, thanks in part to extensive restoration work that has been carried out over the years. Today, visitors can still walk up close to the Sphinx and even enter its mysterious cavernous interior.

The Egyptian Museum

The Egyptian Museum is one of the most popular tourist destinations in Egypt. Located in Cairo, the museum houses an extensive collection of ancient Egyptian artifacts, including the famous tomb of Tutankhamun.

The museum is divided into several galleries, each of which displays a different type of artifact. The most popular gallery is the Pharaohs Gallery, which features statues and busts of famous pharaohs such as Tutankhamun and Ramses II. Other galleries include the Tomb of Tutankhamun, the Valley of the Kings, and the Temple of Karnak.

Visitors can explore the museum at their own pace or take a guided tour. Guided tours are available in English and Arabic and typically last about 1-2 hours.

Valley of the Kings

The Valley of the Kings is one of the most famous tourist destinations in Egypt. It is located in Luxor, on the west bank of the Nile River. The valley is home to more than 60 tombs, including that of King Tutankhamun. Visitors can explore the tomb sites and learn about ancient Egyptian history and culture.

Abu Simbel Temple

The Abu Simbel temples are two massive rock temples in southern Egypt. They were carved out of a mountainside during the reign of Pharaoh Ramses II in the 13th century BC, and they depict him and his queen Nefertari making offerings to the gods.

The temples were designed to impress visitors with the power of Ramses II's rule, and they definitely do that! They're HUGE, and the sculptures and reliefs on the walls are incredibly detailed. The whole complex was actually moved in 1968, when the Aswan Dam was built and it was in danger of being flooded. Now it's one of Egypt's most popular tourist attractions.

How to get there

The best way to see Egypt is by taking a tour. We offer a wide range of Egypt day tours and Egypt travel packages that cover all of Egypt must see sights.

Most tours will include airfare, accommodations, meals, transportation, and entrance fees to the major sites. You may also want to consider adding on a Nile cruise or other optional activities.

When choosing a tour, be sure to read the reviews and ask around for recommendations. Once you've found a tour you're interested in, book early to get the best price and availability.

Tips for traveling to Egypt

Assuming you are referring to tips for traveling *within* Egypt:

1. Travel by day whenever possible, especially if using public transportation such as buses.
2. Dress modestly, especially when visiting religious sites - shoulders and knees should be covered for both men and women.
3. Learn a few key phrases in Arabic before you go - hello, thank you, where is the bathroom?, etc. will go a long way!
4. Have small bills handy for tipping - most Egyptians live on tips, so it's appreciated even for small purchases/services.
5. Drink lots of water and take breaks often when touring around - the heat can be exhausting, even for locals!

Most Recommended Tours

There are many different ways to see Egypt, and the best way to do it is by taking one of the many tours that are available. Whether you want to explore the Giza pyramids or Nile Cruise, the Sphinx, and other well-known landmarks, There is a tour package that's perfect for you. If you're not sure which one to choose, don't worry -we've got some recommendations for the best Egypt tours. Another great option is to take an Egypt Nile Cruise. This is a great way to see some of the most beautiful scenery in the world while also being able to relax and enjoy some of the luxurious amenities that are available on board. So why not start planning your trip today?

Abu Simbel Sun Festival Tour

Abu Simbel Sun Festival Tour

The Abu Simbel Sun Festival is a bi-annual festival that takes place at the splendid shrine of Ramses II in the south of Egypt. On 2 days of the year the main part of the shrine is lightened by the sun. For a brief span of time as the sun completely lines up with the generally masked interior, light is shed on the seated figurines of Ramses II (pharaoh), Ra (sun god) and Amun (king of the gods). Only the figurine of Ptah, stays in the shadows. This festival has been taking place for more than 3,200 years. Domestic tourists, international travelers and locals gather before sunrise to see the lighting as the sun rises & cuts through the shadows of the shrine’s inner compartment. To get to the heart of the temple tourists must first stroll through the remarkable entrance with its grandiose façade of colossal figurines. You will arrive into the grand hall enclosed by 2 treasury rooms & through to the Hypostyle Hall with adorned pillars & bas-reliefs embellishing the walls. A second pillared lobby guide to the sanctuary where the 4 sculptures are seated & the crowd stands two-people deep from the exterior walls to let the sun get through the interior.
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Luxor West Bank Tour

Luxor West Bank Tour

The West Bank of the River Nile is jam packed with several interesting historical sites and structures that depict the history of Ancient Egypt in an amazing way. So to make you understand the importance of the West Bank in the Egyptian history we at Egypt Online Tour have brought you exclusive West Bank Tours. Our tour guide will welcome you with warm gestures and take you to your air conditioned car to begin the tour. The tour will begin with a visit to the Valley of the Kings, which was the burial ground of numerous pharaohs of Ancient Egypt including King Tutmosis I, Tutmosis III, Tutankhamun, King Ramesses VI, King Mrenptah and Amenhotep II. Our tour includes visit to three tombs excluding the Tomb of King Tutankhamun.
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Alf Leila Wa Leila Show Sharm El Sheikh

Alf Leila Wa Leila Show Sharm El Sheikh

Our tour guide will pick up you from your Sharm El Sheikh hotel and will take you to relish a colorful night while attending the Alf Leila We Leila Show – which is in English known as “One Thousand and One Nights Show”. An authentic ambiance of Arabian night is guaranteed to enthrall your senses. With your every step, you’ll disclose the secrets of civilization, exquisiteness and art all beneath one coronet. The splendid pharaonic & Bedouin live music performance displays the prized fable about the history of the bygone eras with some mind-boggling architecture which are fascinating to the eyes. You will also witness the fortress with its soaring towers & showground that mirror the Islamic culture. Following that relish the Egyptian legends, hours of acrobats and also the dancing fountain. Then enjoy oriental Egyptian songs & oriental belly dancing performance.
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St. Catherine and Colored Canyon by Jeep

St. Catherine and Colored Canyon by Jeep

Egypt has several gems hidden within its shadow and the Saint Catherine Monastery and the colored canyon are two among them. This tour designed by us at Egypt Online Tour lets you explore these two miraculous sites in the most amazing way. Early in the morning our representative will pick you from your hotel and take you to a tour to discover the top highlights of Sinai desert by a modern jeep.The tour will begin with a drive towards the Saint Catherine Monastery that is located in the heart of the Sinai Peninsula at a height of 1570 meters. The importance of this place according to the tradition is that Moses saw the bush on fire which did not burn up here. The place lies in the foot hills of Gable Moses or Mount Sinai. And it is also believed that Moses received the tables of the law with the Ten Commandments inscribed at the summit of the Mount Sinai.
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Overnight Tour to Cairo & Alexandria

Overnight Tour to Cairo & Alexandria

Your Egypt online Tour guide will be waiting inside the Alexandria Port for you. They will be holding a sign showing your name. You do not need to look for them – they will be waiting for you and will find you. From the moment your tour starts, your guides will give you full attention. Once in the car, your guide will talk to you about all the things on the way as well as other aspects of your tour that will interest you.
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Saqqara tours

Saqqara tours

At Egypt Online Tour, we provide outstanding Saqqara Tours that will let you explore the famous pyramids of Egypt and several other historical monuments of great importance.
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