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Two wings are connected by a small tunnel inside the exhibition hall. The former wing of Cairo's Coptic Museum was built in 1910 AD. Expansive lobbies with elegant wood roofs are features of a fantastic architectural show-stopper.

The presence of the Bible's most seasoned compositions, a window with Nile landscapes defining fishing activities. Others depict sea vegetation as well as stone sculptures addressing the god "Nilus." The Greeks' image of the Nile. The construction also recalls numerous friezes embellished with engravings of a bunny and a few birds such as peacocks.

Info about Coptic Museum

The Coptic time gives a connection between the Pharaonic and Islamic periods. The Coptic Museum is a well-known traveler objective for Coptic-period landmarks. Which was laid out in 1910. The Coptic Museum is one of Cairo's and the world's biggest exhibition halls devoted to Coptic design.

The museum houses over 20,000 objects from manuscripts, Bibles, icons, textiles, and wood dating back to the fourth century AD. It also has within its walls depictions of the Christian condition throughout the Roman era, dubbed "the era of Martyrs." It will be revealed to you on Coptic Egypt tours, which will give you with more information about Coptic history.