Best Tours holiday in Siwa Oasis

Best Tours holiday in Siwa OasisLooking for best tours holiday in Egypt? try a visit to Siwa Oasis. Looking for best Travel Agency in Egypt, advertise for their tours to Oasis of Siwa. We find it an opportunity to try a new type of tourism, and discover the magic in the desert. Actually it was a wise decision, and it was one of the best tours holiday in Egypt in Siwa Oasis.

We feel that life among them is easy, comfortable, and that they can be completely saved from the outside world, Everything is available at hand, the houses from the ground, the local “Karshif” clay, the clothes of goats and camels, the water in the bathrooms, the streams and the lakes, the food, the dates is wherever the palm trunks are, the efficient treatment of the traveler in nature and the climate Springs, expansive sand and tried hands Wise..

Siwa, Egypt’s largest oasis and the oldest in terms of discovery, known by the Pharaohs in 1500 BC, and established a famous temple of the god “Amun”, and passed by the Romans and left traces and eyes still exist some, so visited by Alexander the Great and the mayor of Amon priests, The outskirts of India arrived and was said to have been recommended for burial, while the Persian king Qambiz had already been buried there, buried by a mighty storm with his army of jars as he continued to crawl to occupy it. This place is so magnificent as one of the best tours holiday in Egypt.
Siwa Oasis is located on the westernmost edge of Egypt in the Sahara Desert. It is three hundred kilometers away from the Mediterranean Sea and is less than 55 meters long. It is about 600 kilometers away from Cairo and about 60 kilometers from Libya. It is a great depression, it is known for decades as a quiet and secluded health resort. In recent years, its importance has grown on the map of tourism, leisure and safari, and its pristine land – the largest of its kind in the Middle East – Forests and bush and the desert and extended desert – has become a kiss for lovers of safari tourism and travel in the pristine areas from around the world, including celebrities such as Prince Charles, Crown Prince of Britain, which was visited more than once and Kofi Annan, the former Secretary-General of the United Nations, which gave one of the sons of the Oasis award from the previous United Nations for what he did and the accompanying delegation his safari trip to Siwa.

At such best tours holiday in Egypt, the nature of the enchanting and the fact that it is a natural resort enchanting, the most important characteristic of it is the virgin, pure nature, expanses of greenery, and surrounded by each side mountains or a holy hills and archaeological legends belonging to the Pharaohs and Romans, and tourism where easy, comfortable, From the famous cities and tourist attractions, and the hotels there are mostly environmental and lifestyle and even the architecture of the old Siwan man, the same “bricks” and the clay of the local «Karshif» clay, and the life of simple course, but among them hotels on the latest architectural models.

Unlike other best tours holiday in Egypt, the usual tourism of Siwa is short, often not more than a week even for safari tourism, which is a winter tourism due to the climate and the bright sun, and the summer of which is therapeutic tourism, and the most famous Siwa treatment of the sand in the pure sand saturated with sun heat, and rites begin with abstention and then burying the patient in this hole for 15 minutes in the sun, and then go out to a tent in the desert, and only during this period of warm drinks, and continue the «course» treatment three days. The appropriate time for this is from June to September, because the most important thing is warm moisture-free climate, there is a mineral sulfurous popular recipes Eye especially Bedouin Kaloashab and ironing with fire and knock on the hand, foot and also other treatment.

We traveled to Siwa on a desert journey, starting from Alexandria and passing on Matrouh and ending it. It is the official road of the Oasis. There are two other roads. But the first one is unpaved; it starts from Cairo and is suitable for lovers of safari and adventure. The second is from Salloum on the Egyptian- Libyan boarders. And after driving hundreds of kilometers in the arid deserts, we found ourselves suddenly in a great slope, and we saw a view of the sweetest scenery and delighted, a lawns of grapes, trees and clear springs bright, and the center and also on the edges, we saw clay buildings, short and fragile, those were the houses of the people of Siwa, their homes and gleaming silver squares, which turned out to be lakes and tall buildings that turned out to be a mountain of the dead in a palm forest, and a black cloud that turned out to be the great mountain of Dakrur.

Towards the heart of the oasis and its citadel and people passes through the shadows of palm trees and grapes in a spectacular view, is the same tout of Alexander the Great’s famous journey. He walked on the same land and perhaps on the same road. The dates, grapes and olives were in his procession, His remains are still standing today, he reached the Amun temple, which is built over a great rock, and looks like a fortified castle. Alexander ascended to him and passed through his gates and guarded his narrow corridors until he reached the meeting room. There he was declared as a son of God.

We took the bus stop in the center of Siwa. The sun was bright and close, and the light was white as moonlight, and we went to the “Bab al-Anshal” (means: The door was lifted from its place). It was built at the castle of Shali, which is the architectural origin of Siwa. And the hotel is an environment that preserves its old architectural style. It is considered one of the distinguishing features of the present Siwa, where we ate a delicious Siwan breakfast of herbs and various desserts, and of course olive in all its forms and colors.

We drove to the “Mount of the Dead”, which is a high plateau with lots of tombs of the Romans and the Pharaohs, and then we headed to the Temple of Amun, then Clepatra’s Bath, and then area of Dakrur mountain, which is famous of healing bone diseases by covering the body with hot sand.

The House of Siwa museum is a model of the old Siwan house, which is a two-storey house and is paved with palm branches. The ground floor is called Marbou’a, a Bedouin word meaning the guest room. It has a separate door from the house which consists of an entrance, a courtyard. Another house for livestock has a separate door, usually unlike most peasant houses throughout Egypt.

It is one of the best tours holiday in Egypt which must be included on your schedule, try it and you won’t regret it.

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